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About Pure iLab

We like great ideas!
We love building products and bring great ideas to life!

What we do

Product Innovation

We bring great ideas together and form concept of a great product.

Product Prototyping

Many people've got great ideas, but few executes a plan to implement it. We help you build products and/or protoypes to let great ideas come to life.

Product Development

We not only build market-ready product, but also connect you to our investment partners to secure funding to grow your business.




Embedded Systems


Mobile & Accessibility


Text-To-Speech & Voice Recognition
& Image Recognition


Data Science


Internet of Things

How does Pure iLab work


Your idea, your requirements...
Our experience, we implement.


Our ideas, our experience ...
Together, we create great products.


Your idea ...
We fund and help you to bring great ideas to market.

Current Projects

Check out our current projects!

Pure Pro

For Mobile Accessibility

Pure Pro implements accessbility and automation capability for mobile device and application. Pure Pro can be customized or integrated with your mobile app and provide great convenient and user experience.

Pure Ticket

For Retail Integeration

Pure Ticket implements membership and/or sales record validation and management. It can be ingrated with your eCommerce application and offers great front-end experience using QR Code, IoT (tag, wrist band, etc).

Pure Identity

For Identity

Pure Identiy makes application authentication easy. Pure Identity implements standard based authentication scenarios and supports On-premises, Cloud, and Social identities.

Pure Safety

For Safety

Detect pre-defined mobile device or IoT behavior patterns and take actions automatically on behalf of user.

What people think...

Hey Pure iLab team. Absolutely love your work!

Hello there, you're simply awesome. I would love to contact you. I'm a business leader and need to bring new ideas & products to our customer. Keep it up :)

Finding a team with a vast purpose is always inspiring to continue digital product development. But your team did Magic my friends. Thanks for your daily hardworking. hope to meet u guys one day.

Meet our Team

Business and Project Manager

Takes care of growth, product development and partnerships. He is analytical, driven and adapts easily to new conditions, while trying to keep everyone on track.

Architect and Technology Strategist

15+ years of experience on Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture and product design.

IoT/Embedded System Expert

Expert on IoT/Sensor and embedded system design

Data Scientist

Data Scrientist with 15+ years of experience on data analytics, markting analysis with sophisticated and industry specific data modeling and algorithm.

Security Expert

Bring 10+ years of experience to the team with best in class security design and data protection.

UX Expert

Bring the best-in-calss visual & user experience to product with voice, image recognition and other digital accessibilities.

Platform Expert

Drives the technical strategy of the platform, customer support and brand. He is level-headed, smart and with a taste for simple, aesthetic design.